You are what you eat...

Health doesnt always comes from medicine. Most of the time it comes from the peace of mind, peace of soul. It comes from laughter and love.

Think Positively and Exercise Daily, Eat Healthy, work hard, Stay Strong, build faith, worry less, read more and be happy

Being healthy isn't just about physical aspects like eating better and getting exercise. It's about all aspects of your health: physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually


It might be surprising for few to know that mental stress effects our Blood Pressure.  And it is hard to believe for few, but its true.  But how is it possible?  Whenever we are angry or anxious or involved in arguments or getting tensed our body releases toxins in our body.
As soon as toxins released all the blood vessels in our body get constrict. So all blood vessels will have less blood space to pump blood. Heart uses more pressure to pump blood. So heart will be with over strain and less/no relaxation. Hence we can observe rapid increase in our Blood Pressure at that moment. We must avoid stressful situations, getting tensed, getting angry. To reduce tension, stress in our day to day lives we must practice meditation or pranayamam/breating exercises every day morning. Meditation gives us mental balance  to have a proper behaviour in stressfull situation and in tensed situations. So meditaiton help us to prevent high blood pressure. We must practice meditation every day and go for regular BP check up.

Brain hemorrhage, paralysis, heart failure, blood vessels damage and kidney failure  all are because of high blood pressure. High BP warns us that you are stressed too much or you are eating too much salt, you must balance your food habits and lifestyle.  Hence to prevent all these chronic diseases we must make sure that our blood pressure is normal.



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