Human body is one of the marvellous creations of god. We can say it as marvellous machine. It has wonderful capacity, of automatic mechanism of repairing its own organs, in case of any diseases or any accidents. It is highly organised by various living organs. Each living organ is formed from billions
and trillions of cells, which has various functionalities to perform. In a single day, a human body can form 10 billion cells and an equal number of cells die on same day.
Cell death is necessary for replacing cell that are worn, old or damaged. Cells also contain, body’s hereditary material, and can make copies of themselves. The upcoming generations also completely dependent on the cell mechanism. The foods or drinks what we take are used as nourishment of the cells. That’s where the foundation of a human body lies! What we eat or what we drink matters a lot for the nourishment or formation of cell.

We are all fortunate to have this marvellous system of human machine, for continuing the process of our life system. It’s our responsibility to protect our own human machine. Generally, man-mad machines are lubricated by out siders. But, our human body is lubricated by itself in the form of food.
We can compare our human body with our house. A house which is built up with a very good quality lasts for long time without any repairs. A house with strong foundation can be maintained without any repairs for long time. Imagine a house which is built with, very poor quality. It’s very difficult to maintain such houses, though we repair often, we keep facing problems again and again. It is very difficult to change the poor quality house to a very good quality house, without diminishing the poor quality house. Again, new house needs to be constructed with strong foundation. Similar way, if foundation is not strong for a human body, we might get hit by diseases, then and there. For treating the disease, we go to doctor and get prescribed medicines. As long as we use medicines, the problem can be cured. If ones we stop taking medicine, it might attack again. Here we are trying to cure our disease, but not trying to put strong foundation to our health, to prevent such diseases in future. As mentioned earlier, our human body cells daily get replaced by new cells. This is the wonderful automatic mechanism of human body. With this wonderful automatic mechanism, we can build the foundation for our health by changing our food habits. As mentioned earlier, each cell is nourished by the food what we eat. As mentioned earlier, since cell has body’s hereditary material, its our responsibility to put strong foundation for our health to generate healthier generations.

Last but not least, it’s not too late now, to realize in re-gaining our health by putting strong foundation to our wonderful human body in the form of balanced diet. Hence I will conclude this post saying, food what we eat or what we drink is the strong foundation for human body, which helps in long lasting functionality of each organ with out any problems.

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