We have seen in my earlier post diet plan to reduce weight.  It explains how to reduce weight in a healthy way without any side effects to our body. Here we must know about what not to eat to reduce weight, so that we  can restrict ourselves while coming across this food at home,office or any parties. I hope this post will help to make a self restriction to the one who is on strict diet to reduce their weight.

To reduce our weight we must eat more nutrient and less calorie food. While remembering this our first priority is for Fresh vegetables and leafy vegetables and fruits. Second priority is for grains especially sprouted grains, because the sprouted grains has more nutrients compared to normal grains.

Before going to the topic, we must see calories required for men and women.

Men requires 2500 calories per day. Women requires 2000 calories per day.
This is for the people who is on normal diet.

Men who is on diet requires - 1900-2000 calories
Women who is on diet requires - 1400-1500 calories

The first one to stop completely to reduce weight is white rice. The one who does lots of physical work outs requires rice. But now a days many people work is to do with only mind. And also white rice is the main culprit for the diabetes.  If you think its difficult to stop rice compensate this with brown rice. Hmmm.. I know brown rice is not tasty at all, so its good for you, you eat less but gain more nutrients from brown rice.


This isn't to skip the breakfast but to chose the right breakfast. IDLY, UPMA and PURI are the indian breakfast which are very tasty but almost 0 nutrients. And these are made of polished rice and polished rava. Polished food has no nutrients but promotes weight gain. So  better to STOP.


1 gram vegetable oil has 9 calories. Suppose per day on average if we use 50 grams of oil which is equal to 4 tea spoons, we get 450 calories. But if we eat fried foods which absorbs lots of oil we get lot many calories but 0 nutrients. 1kg of oil has 9000 calories.  Many eat less quantity of food but eating more fried foods matters a lot in reducing our weight. Hence we must keep an eye on oily foods.

its difficult to stop  immediately, but its necessary to stop eating oily foods and to reduce fat. once you are lost weight, you can eat once in a while.

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